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The Centurion Commission

The Roman Republic (later, Empire) was a cultural engine so extraordinary that its influence is still felt in much of the world today, nearly two thousand years after its demise.

One of the most important systems in that machine was its military, renowned throughout history for not only its might, but it’s peerless efficiency. What made the Roman military so powerfully efficient was its system of leadership, and integral to that system was the Centurion.

The Ancient Centurion 


Roman Centurions were battlefield commanders in charge of a unit of roughly a hundred men, but they were not pencil-pushing desk jockeys, they were older soldiers that lead from the front in a profession in which most men died young.

Ancient Centurions set and kept high standards of performance for themselves and their men, both on and off the battlefield. They were do-it-first leaders who remained in peak physical condition, maintained top moral standards, were highly literate, well-versed in military tactics, maintained proficiency with every weapon, and enjoyed upbuilding relationships, both personal and professional.They were highly skilled warriors, and the respect they commanded was earned through years of successful military service and an inability to die in combat.


In short, ancient centurions were badasses, and it’s an inarguable fact that neither the Roman military, nor the civilization it carried, would have gotten very far without them. 

The Modern Man

Most men today do not have the fortitude of their grandfathers, let alone the most elite warriors of antiquity. 

Most men today are lazy, anxious, depressed, and weak. They spend their lives avoiding  discomfort and seeking short-term pleasures so as to justify forcing themselves to scrape through another day. 

Most...but not all...

The Modern Centurion

I believe that Modern Centurions do exist, examples of which are found in men like former Navy SEAL and ultra-athlete, David Goggins, and elite entrepreneurs like Ed Mylett. These are men who detest mediocrity; who constantly push themselves to get better, and who inspire others to do the same.

Regardless of his professional field, a Modern Centurion must keep himself in fine physical shape, avoid debasing pleasures of the flesh, engage with upbuilding and worthwhile material, continuously upgrade and expand his skill tree, and surround himself with people who inspire him to be the best he can be across multiple dimensions. 

Crucially, a Modern Centurion must be a leader that is always be striving to get the most from his time on earth, and must endeavor to have a positive impact on the lives of others.

The Commission

The Commission's goal is to find more modern centurions and bring them together in a setting that engenders growth along every conceivable metric. It's designed to serve as a vehicle for leaders of greater levels of experience to find camaraderie, as well as to teach, encourage, and inspire new leaders to bear the mantle of responsibility with grace.  


In more practical terms, the Commission will also serve as a means for men to connect with each other, professionally. Networking and cross-promotion is not simply encouraged, it's expected. 

The basic criteria to qualify for the project are as follows: 


  • Must be eighteen years of age or older.

  • Must be a man of good moral character and well-vouched for. (Professional and/or personal references may be required.)

  • Must be a purpose-driven man with an aim at becoming a leader among his contemporaries.

  • Must have something beyond himself to fight for.

A philosophical note:

The Centurion Commission is for men only, because human males have a drive passed down from our forebears that is unique to our sex. It is one that engenders a desire to endure temporary suffering for the sake of higher achievements that extends beyond oneself and personal relations, to civilization as a whole. Of course, I must acknowledge that this desire for purposeful suffering has been bred out of most people in general, which is why the Centurion Commission, is further reserved for leaders ONLY.

This is an encouraging, but not a nurturing environment. The goal is to push each other to excel in life, and that requires members to not only get uncomfortable, but to enjoy their discomfort, and relish meaningful suffering - which is something that ancient Centurions believed in, whole-heartedly.

Additionally, while the Roman Centurion and the culture he hailed from is envisioned as the core ideal of this endeavor, the Centurion Commission does not align with ANY ethnocentric ideologies. This is a networking and mentorship group designed to help glorify and improve upon the best of what humanity has to offer, regardless of skin color, national origin, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation. Appreciation is not synonymous with elevation, and arguments to the contrary will not be entertained or tolerated.



If what I said strikes a chord with you - if you detest mediocrity as much as I do, then we might be suited to work together. 

It won't be easy, but nothing worth doing ever is. That is the point of the hero's journey, and I know you know that, and appreciate it.

If you want to know more, fill out the digital application card below to start your journey to bigger things. 

Include: Full name, Telegram handle, email, and a brief explanation of your goals.

To Apply:
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