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18 - A New Ordinary World - Longing For Dragons

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

I don’t normally do this, but I’m starting off this blog with an apology. I said before that I took to heart Gary Vaynerchuk’s advice of “Document, don’t create” but it’s clear that at some point my brain and heart had a disconnect. In these blogs and their adjoining podcast, I used examples from my life to illustrate for people how the monomyth manifested in our real world. I had mentioned that it was my intention to keep sharing those examples with you all in real time, but a lot has happened to me since I last published anything, and while it may not upset you that I slacked off in that regard, I have to hold myself to account, and own up to my failures. With all that in mind, here is Round Two of my journey through the monomyth. I hope it provides you some value, and you’re able to reflect off of my experience and find context for your own struggles in life.


When I first conceptualized the Hero’s Breath Podcast with my partner, Tom Jasinski, the idea was to go through the monomyth cycle by exploring one stage per episode, and once one cycle was complete, to continue on in the same fashion, diving deeper and deeper into each stage with each “round”. The gods, it seems, had other plans.

In the first “season” of the podcast, Tom and I would work off of my blogs to give the episodes structure and stay on topic instead of railing off into the tangents that it seems many podcasts descend into. We would compare the concepts of Campbell’s works to examples found in literature and cinema, which I would supplement with examples of my own experience on the hero’s journey. It seemed to help the audience get a better grasp on how the monomyth can be applied to our lives, and it helped me talk through some very real pain. We recorded our last episode together in May of 2019, after which we took an open-ended break while I gathered my thoughts to write the next series of blogs.

During that “time off” I hosted a few enlightening guests on the podcast while Tom focused on getting his own coaching business started (links to his business are found below). Things were going well; I was enjoying a streak of steady clients at my job, my personal relationships had almost all been repaired. I had a bunch of great episodes recorded and ready to be launched out to the world and I was beginning to feel like I was having an impact within the community of geeks and nerds I had left. I even found myself falling in love again for the first time in years! I had done it! I went through the hero’s journey and came out the other side a better man, living in an elevated “new normal” with total freedom! However, underneath the surface of my world, something ominous was brewing. I was feeling a sense of malaise and discontentment which lurked in my heart. It began subtly at first, and I was easily distracted from it when with my girlfriend, but it crept upon me in the quiet hours, and slowly ate away at the foundation of my happy “New Ordinary World.”

Of course this is to be expected. As soon as the hero returns home, the stage is set for the next cycle, one in which the stakes are higher, the villains are stronger, and the lessons he must learn cut much, much deeper. However, if I’m being completely honest (and I always am) a lot of the ill feelings did not come from any profound understanding of the monomyth that we live, but rather, they stemmed from the fact that I just don’t do “still” very well. Things were good, and a part of me just couldn’t accept that. There were no dragons to fight for a while, and the second they were gone and the dust settled, I looked to the skies, longing for their return.

So, knowing that it would be some time before those dragons did finally come back in grander, more terrifying forms, I busied myself with the act of living and enjoying my life. I bartered with a friend of mine for personal training and bulked up a little bit (follow my boy Anthony Confessore on Instagram: @confessore_conditioning and @antconfessore and on TikTok: @anthonyconfessore). I got more involved in cosplay and was even honored to be in an independent film (follow @lostcoscommunity on IG for more info about the project), as well as performing at numerous kids’ parties and charity events! It was a ton of fun, but I was still just waiting for the next adventure to begin. Finally, in August of 2019 I received phone call that would change my life. Yes…I got a LITERAL Call to Adventure!

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