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21 - Supernatural Aid - Definitely Not Normal

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Let me start this blog off by saying that what I found at Revolution Financial Management was not a multi-level-marketing company, although it took me a few weeks to figure that out. Why would I stick around so long if I thought it was? Well, for starters, I’ve actually had some good experiences with MLM, most recently in Market America (which is really more of a network marketing company than MLM, but that’s a semantical argument I’m not going to bother with). More importantly, what they presented to me most more than just a rock-solid system for starting a franchise for less money than I had ever heard of, it was the training and mentorship I needed to take Hero’s Breath to greater heights.


I’ve spoken a lot about entrepreneur and social media magnate Tai Lopez over the years. He has provided me and others so much incredible value with the numerous classes, workshops, and lectures he’s presented, as well as the words of wisdom he’s poured out onto the Internet for the better part of a decade. However, if I had to boil down his entire library of work into one phrase it would be, “Mentorship is essential.” Even though he’s known for being the guy that reads the equivalent of a book a day, and he presses the reading habit on to the entire world, Tai Lopez admits that reading is just a means by which a person, even one who has died, can advise and mentor us. I went into my first meeting at Revolution Financial, and every subsequent meeting after, with that thought in mind.

Ever since I took Tai Lopez’s counsel to heart, it was my goal to receive mentorship from people that were already successful in the ways that I wanted to be. Of course I knew that mentorship is not given, it is earned, so I wasn’t entirely sure how I would do that, so I kept my eyes peeled and my ears open for a chance. What really made me stick around Revolution Financial is the fact that it only took me a hot second to figure out that the barrier to mentorship was as lower than I would ever find anywhere else. In that moment, I decided that I didn’t care if it was MLM, or a network marketing company, or a genuine Ponzi scheme; I needed someone to teach me how to elevate my business, and I was not leaving until I got what I came for. I knew that without it, Hero’s Breath would fail, and I would be back to square one, struggling to leave anything behind for my daughter besides debt and embarrassment. This was my shot and I was not about to throw it away.

At the time that I got approved to work with the company (a rather jarring distinction from MLM – not everyone is allowed to “join up” – a person must be interviewed and approved by several layers of leadership AND pass a federal background check before starting) my work schedule wasn’t all that flexible, and I wasn’t able to attend the trainings that were normally set for Tuesday night. However, it turned out that there were a couple of teams sharing the same office space, and that while the team I was on, (Mako) met on Tuesday, the other team (Rhino) met on Wednesdays. Of course both teams utilized the same system, and both team leaders were mentored by Brian, so in truth it didn’t really matter which meetings I went to, especially not when I was still wet behind the ears. Plus, we all gathered on Saturday mornings as one larger team (Foundation), so I would be with “my” team at least once a week anyway. Little did I know that this was all setting me up to receive a greater range of mentorship than I could have possibly imagined.

Not only did attending trainings with both teams give me the opportunity to meet more people in the company, the fact that I put in the extra effort from the start earned me the leadership’s attention. I got to meet Joey, the head of Team Rhino. He and Anthony had a similar energy – a firebomb waiting for the flimsiest excuse to go off, and I don’t mean that negatively. They were both passionate and driven, but more than that, they were friendly, and genuinely caring.

Joey knew that I wasn’t on his team. He knew that if he or anyone else from his team took any time and effort to coach or train me, that they wouldn’t see much, if any direct financial benefit. Still, Joey and the rest of Team Rhino welcomed me in with open arms. I sat in on their trainings, I participated in the exercises, I was even invited up to the board to demonstrate presentations on numerous occasions, just like I was one of them. If I had a question or problem, I wouldn’t hesitate to ask one of the senior associates, or even Joey himself for help, and they wouldn’t hesitate to assist. It didn’t take me very long to realize that that was the state of things in that office, and it was all because of Brian, who I eventually got to meet and was honored to learn from as well.

Revolution Financial Management is a division of World Financial Group, which is very prominent on the west coast of the United States, with literally thousands of offices between California and Washington, but less than a dozen between Florida and Maine. In 2011, Brian and his wife Brenda took their young children and pets, piled them in a van, and drove across the country from California to NY to set up an office on Long Island where literally no one else was. It was slow going for a while, but they endured the challenges and hardships that come with building something from scratch, and they did it with style. As people came on board and then quit – as money came in one door and went out the other, Brian and Brenda kept their heads high and maintained a moral ethic unmatched in an industry otherwise renown for ripping people off. They did this while engendering an atmosphere within their office that was not only honorable, but encouraging, uplifting, and completely uncompromising in its identity as the place where good people get the chance to do something better for themselves and their loved ones. Honestly, I cannot think of a greater testament to the character of Brian and Brenda than that.

Brian and Brenda took a screwball DJ and turned him into a six-figure-earning family man. They took a bitter, skeptical teacher and turned him into a champion leader that within a couple of years retired his sweet and loving wife from a “stable” teaching job that drained her. That power couple (who paid for their Long Island wedding in cash, BTW) then helped an adorable, self-sacrificing music therapist that was drowning in debt to build a team of her own, and that young woman is now helping me to grow into the leader that I knew I COULD become, but was feckless without the proper guidance.

I am eternally grateful to all of the amazing mentors I’ve found there, as well as the scores of other senior associates that have helped me, even in the small conversations we’ve had together in brief moments. What’s more, I’m just one guy with one story. I haven’t even begun to tell you about the immigrant accountant whose bosses refused to pay her what she was worth. Or the single mom who was struggling to break her and her daughter out of a multi-generation cycle of mediocrity. Or the house painter who was breaking his back just to put food on the table. Or the mother who was busting her butt at the Post Office just to stay where she was. Or the quiet young woman that discovered within herself an indominable spirit and iron will that is NOT to be trifled with! All of these people, as well as hundreds more, have been, and continue to be elevated by the work that Brian and Brenda put in to mentor those that were willing to put themselves through the pain and effort it took to grow into the best versions of themselves. That is something that I have longed to do for others since the day the alcohol fog left my brain, and now…I finally have the opportunity to make that dream a reality!

Within a five room office in Hauppauge I found a place where people are given more than the chance to do something important with their lives. It’s a place where they are seen, heard, and appreciated for who they are, and what they can do. What I found there was definitely NOT normal, hell it wasn’t even natural. It is, without a doubt the SUPERnatural aid that I needed to carry on my adventure through the next round of the monomyth, and after meeting Nicole, Anthony, Joey, and Brian, I returned to the office to Cross the First Threshold.

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