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22 - Crossing the First Threshold - There Is No Going Back

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

The moment that the hero crosses the first threshold from his ordinary world to the special world is usually pretty quick. It’s often just a simple act of stepping through a door, getting on a ship, or signing a piece of paper. What is much more significant, however, is the emotional fortitude summoned by the hero to cross that line, or in the case of the heroes that are pushed without their consent, the sheer will to keep oneself sane afterwards. One thing is certain, though, there is no going back and the hero knows it.


After I saw the corporate overview at the NY office of Revolution Financial Management, I agreed to return the next day to interview for the chance to become a trainee. I sat with Nicole and, despite the formal appointment, her delightful warmth was not diminished, even a little bit. We chatted and got to know each other a little more and within roughly fifteen minutes I was more than certain I would be willing to take several large caliber rounds for her. Before I met Nicole I didn’t know that that much grit could be packed into such a tiny package and still manage to be so likeable. What I did know, however, was that I was exactly where I needed to be.

Nicole answered a few of my more technical questions I had rolling around in my head from the night before, but I didn’t have many. I tend to operate on what US Navy SEALS call the “40% Rule”, that is to say, once I have about 40% of the necessary information, I make a decision and execute on it (another jewel I got from Tai Lopez). After that we submitted my application, got me set up for the online study course, and set up a test date for five weeks in the future. I had hoped to get the free financial needs analysis I heard spoken of the night before, but Nicole was and is a woman in extreme demand with an appointment right after mine, so I scheduled a follow-up appointment and left the office. It would be another day before I could have Nicole go over my finances and help me get into better financial shape. It would be another ten hours before my application was approved, but I basically crossed that irretrievable threshold in that first hour with Nicole.

Now, the truth is I can physically “go back” at any time. I could sever my ties with the company and the scores of wonderful people I’ve met thus far. In hearing how some of those that have quit are talked about, I’m sure that I would be missed to some degree, but life would go on after I’m gone. I can go back to my life of trading my time for dollars and toiling on blogs in the hopes that SOMETHING would land, and I’ll get the traction I need to see my venture come one step closer to my dream. However, what I cannot do is unlearn the principles that I was taught during my time with the company.

I cannot go back to paying off my credit cards in a way that keeps me in debt. I cannot put my money in investments that I know offer me no long-term protection. I cannot willing pay fees to a financial advisor that I know would simply watch my account lose value during every market correction. More than that, however, if I were to quit now, I could not in good conscience look my daughter in the eye and honestly tell her that I did everything I could to provide for her. I lost all of that the moment I filled out my application and clicked “submit”.

For my entire life I was aware that the “Powers That Be” were screwing the public. In my twenties I learned about the history of the Federal Reserve and the usury nature of the fractional reserve lending system, but besides that, I was largely ignorant on the specifics of exactly how we are all getting screwed, nor did I have any clue as to how to fight back. When I signed my agreement, and sat down for the trainings the veil was lifted and I was no longer able to look at things the same way. I lost the ability to claim ignorance and say that I was doing all that I could to help myself and others. The only way to put a dent in the system and make the impact I need to, is to stay the course and finish the cycle.

Of course I make it all sound so simple. Well it is simple, but it’s not easy, especially not in the Belly of the Whale.

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